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Top bloke and gun fisho he is one to look out for in the future, always willing to have a chat this chilled out breamer applies his local knowledge and technique with precision on the WA waterways. This self-confessed finesse addict has an appreciation for high end lures and for the finer detailed products on the market. Mas has been a key member of the team since inception.‚Äč

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MATTHEW BURT (aka Burtus)

I've been fishing since I can remember and started with the good old bait setup chasing anything in inland water systems. Mostly targeted bream but as I got older I started getting more and more interested in lure fishing and got bitten by the "lure bug", this led to me chasing bream, bass and trout.

Nowadays my main love affair is lure fishing for bream with a preferred tactic of using hardbodies but I'm slowly getting into the offshore arena as well and really enjoy going after snapper, dhufish and Samson fish on jigs and soft plastics.

I do most of my bream fishing in the Murray and Serpentine rivers with the occasional trip down south to the promised lands like the Blackwood but I live in Perth so obviously there's the odd venture into the Swan and Canning rivers.

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